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Mang BTS BT21 Wallpaper Character Fan Art

J-Hope’s BT21 Character is a horse by the name of Mang BTS BT21 Wallpaper Character Fan Art BT21 has proven to be popular in their own right and I don’t think you could part Jin from RJ with a chainsaw, so I imagine, though we may not get any future videos with BTS’ contributions, BTS will always be involved with anything to do with BT21.

Tiny are definitely getting a lot of love at the moment, as expected as they are literally “Tiny Bangtan”, but they aren’t going to replace the love both BTS and ARMY have for RJ, Shooky, Mang, Koya, Chimmy, Tata and Kookie (not to mention Van). It definitely won’t make me stop collecting anything with BT21 on it, and BTS are obviously proud of how far their creations have gone in the last three years.

It’s just going to give us ARMYs more to love and spend money on!


Mang BTS BT21 Fan Art Wallpaper HD
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